Flipside Coffee Mill

Get the most delicious dose of daily coffee whipped for you by our expert coffee makers.

BoCo Blend for Cold Brew

Cold brew is all over Instagram. Try our boco blend for a gush of coffee flavor in your mouth.

Brazil French Roast

Authentic coffee, all the way from Brazil awaits to refresh you with its taste.

Bolivia Micro Lot

For the coffee lovers, this is a sure thing to impress you.

Passion for coffee. Love for people.

hand crafted, small batch, artisan roasted
Made especially for coffee lovers. You will enjoy every sip.

Best coffee roaster in Charlotte, NC

Our customers keep coming back to us for a cuppa all the
time. We love serving them too.


Understand our different subscription plans that will deliver to your doorstep.
Choose your timelessness and how often you want it delivered.
Individual Bags
Every bag is individually packed especially for you.
We also give you samples so that you can decide if you like them.
“I love the richness of the coffee that they make. They are truly the best.”
Maurice S. Crowther

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